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Free Inventory Posting

List your stock in the first free B2B computer trading platform aimed at Computer Traders, IT Brokers, Hardware Dealers, Refurbishers and Manufacturers.

By posting your inventory on FIP you maximize your exposure and gain insight on the demand of your products. is a FREE service, managed and verified by

There are no hidden charges, no renewals and no obligations to the site or to The B2B e-marketplace for buying and selling computer parts and equipment in Europe with over 1100 active members and over 11 years of experience.

Unlimited Listing

By posting your inventory on you maximize your exposure and gain insight of the demand of your products. Check your inventory hits and contact registered members who have viewed your inventory!

Part Search Engine is open to everyone.

Online RFQ

Visitors interested in products listed on can send a Request for Quote to the registered owner of a stock line item through a simple registration form. There are no limits in the number of searches or RFQs sent through the system.

Customizable online profile

You have another online presence as a member of Europes Largest Computer Trading Exchange. You will have access to your own profile and description, featured on and

Warning Messages and Reference of Companies

The Broker Site and Free Inventory Posting keep a much detailed CRM for companies in the IT trading industry. Be warned of frauds, harmful business and best measures to avoid bad traders! Special warnings are also posted on our News Page. In order to avoid disputes and bad trade before it happens, and can be contacted before closing a deal with a listed member.
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